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It’s for our patients.


Africa’s disease burden far outweighs its health system resources and our patients need us to do better.

Africa’s population growth will most likely outstrip any other continent over the long

term. Africa is not a homogenous environment – E.g., Consumer and patient needs,

and health product regulations are dynamic and complex. Manufacturers of health products that want to enter or do things differently in the region can benefit from experienced partners such as Vicore and its network.


Vicore shares a deep passion for Africa and the emerging market regions’ patients and health systems.

Founded in 2018 we are a health product industry service and technology provider specialising in Healthcare Strategy, Regulatory Affairs (incl. Pharmacovigilance), Quality Assurance and Medical Affairs solutions.


Our approach is based on a tested hub model developed over years of doing business in some of the most complex, dynamic and under-resourced environments across Africa and beyond.


We help facilitate a total end-to-end solution for health product manufacturers. With long-term value-adding strategic partnerships in place, such as Technology, Demand Generation, Supply and Logistics.


Our dedicated Mauritian-based multi-language team that operates as an

integrated service hub.


As an agile and flexible regulatory, quality assurance and medical governance partner, we offer competitively priced project and/or retainer-based services.

Such as, Regulatory Intelligence, health product registration and product life cycle



We have access to various digital platforms and solutions via reselling or other commercial agreements. From virtual nurses to platforms used for product or disease registries, regulatory, and PV (our cloud-based PV platform conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards).

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