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Émile Malan


Managing Director


Désirée van Heerden

(BSc Physiology and Psychology, Hon. Psychology)

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Émile’s motivation for starting Vicore and his approach to decision-making is quite simple. Africa has an estimated 25% of the world’s disease burden, yet a mere fraction of the world’s healthcare resources (~3%). Anyone who can lend a hand, should. Amongst other things, his exposure as a doctor to the full weight and impact of the HIV epidemic in South Africa during the early 2000s, and
overburdened healthcare systems in sub-Sahara Africa, keeps him motivated to make a difference. For the benefit of patients and healthcare systems, Émile will continue to leverage strategic partners but also his experience as a clinician, pharmaceutical exec and pro-digital advocate to ensure Vicore
becomes the leading Regulatory and Medical Affairs partner for clients in Africa and other Emerging Markets.

Désirée was born and raised in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Désirée has 13 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her tertiary studies were done at the Northwest University where she received her B.Sc. in Physiology and Psychology and went on to complete her honours in Psychology with UNISA. While completing her honours, Désirée started working for a leading South African Medicine Regulatory consultancy. Désirée is a passionate leader and team manager and also specialises in regulatory affairs on the African continent for all types of pharma products, incl. medicine, medical devices, alternative medicines and cosmetics. She believes that when all areas of the pharma industry work together, a better outcome can be found for the patient.


Noor Owasil 

(MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, BEng. Chemical Engineering with Energy Engineering)

Senior PV and Regulatory Affairs Associate

Noor was born and raised in Mauritius and holds two engineering qualifications. After spending some time in the UK, Noor returned and joined Quality Beverages Ltd in Mauritius where she worked as Project Engineer. She then moved to a medical device manufacturing company where she was the Validation Engineer and participated in R&D projects. After spending nearly six years in the manufacturing industry, Noor joined Aspen Global Incorporated in Mauritius, where she was greatly involved in both Manufacturing Site projects (site additions, replacements) and life-cycle management (variations, renewals) for her portfolio of products which included various injectables. Noor joined the Vicore team in 2021 and would like to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry; she strongly believes in improving lives by making healthcare accessible and affordable.


Alida Geldenhuys

(BSc Physiology and Psychology)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Alida joined Vicore in 2020 and has more than 15 years of regulatory affairs experience.
Knowledgeable in various aspects of the industry, medicine registration processes, dossier life-cycle management and post-registration processes, processes at the various third parties, post-importation
processes including final batch releases, GxP compliance, document control and many others. Alida has a passion for regulatory affairs, quality assurance and the pharmaceutical industry and enjoys continuously building her experience and knowledge in these sectors in which her diligence, attention to detail and analytical persona can thrive.


Jeanne Le Roux

(BSc Zoology and Physiology , MSc Epidemiology)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Jeanne’s journey in Regulatory Affairs began around 12 years ago when she joined a leading consultancy company in her hometown, Potchefstroom, South Africa. Three years later she joined a South African-based pharmaceutical company where her responsibilities included medicine registration processes, life-cycle management, portfolio management and quality assurance. She has a passion for teaching and learning, and places a high value on continuous learning, has a strong work ethic and finds much joy and work satisfaction in ensuring work of high quality that exceeds client expectations. Jeanne joined Vicore in 2021.


Maryam Beebeejaun 


Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

Maryam graduated from the School of Pharmacy at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa in 2006. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Deputy Responsible Pharmacist for more than ten
years. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, and Quality Management Systems. She is an energetic person with a holistic way of
thinking and is eager to enhance her skills and grow her knowledge within the regulatory and quality sector. Maryam is passionate about delivering high-quality services that will be in the best interest of the patient. Maryam will be assisting Vicore with Quality Management Systems strengthening, service development and regulatory services to our valued clients.

JAS - Avatar.jpg

Jauhara Sheriff 


Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist


Tina Smuts

(B.Pharm, PCDT Pharmacist)

Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

Tina is originally from a small town called Malmesbury in the Western Cape. She did her Pharmacy Degree at NMMU in Port Elizabeth and recently finished her PCDT qualification at Potchefstroom University. She has worked in Clinical Pharmacy for 15 years and is passionate about health and
medicine in all forms. Her experience in retail gives her a consumer view as well as a healthcare provider view on ground level. Tina is a positive, hardworking individual and believes her experience in Clinical Pharmacy can add value to any project she is involved in.

ANV - Avatar 1.jpeg

Anina van der Walt 

(B.Pharm, MSc Pharmaceutics)

QPPV and Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist


Karishma Bholah Nunkoo

(BSc Food Science and Technology, MSc Quality Management)

Regulatory Affairs Associate

Karishma was born and raised in the beautiful island of Mauritius. Willing to embrace new challenges, she joined Vicore in May 2022 in the Regulatory field. Prior to taking this role, Karishma was involved in artwork and compliance management at Aspen Global Incorporated for eight years. She played a big part in improving the processes of distribution complaints, transport verification/validation, and artwork batch release confirmation. Prior to that, Karishma worked in the food manufacturing sector at Food Canners Ltd in the Quality Assurance department. Karishma holds a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology and a master’s degree in Total Quality Management and Performance Excellence from the University of Mauritius. Karishma has a passion for photography and loves spending time with her two dogs. She is also a fitness fanatic!

LEV - Avatar 3.png

Levanya Paramund


Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Jauhara's love for learning, reading and all things science-related, has led her to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. After completing her B.Pharm in 2016, she joined the pharmaceutical sector, allowing her to use her technical skills and passion for science to add value and make a positive difference in the world. At the same time, she gained work exposure in dispensary, warehousing and quality assurance. Apart from regulatory affairs, Jauhara is particularly interested in medical affairs and clinical trials, as it leads to application of her favourite subject, Pharmacology. In her downtime she enjoys language learning, travelling, photography and pottery. 

ANN - Avatar 2.png

Anèl van Niekerk

(B.Pharm, MSc Pharmaceutics)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Anèl completed her pharmacy degree at the North West University in Potchefstroom. She then completed her master's degree, conducting research on malaria treatment. After her community service year, she joined a multinational company where she was exposed to all things Regulatory. She was involved in the registration process of new dossiers as well as the life-cycle management of existing dossiers. She especially loves clinical work on writing and evaluating the package inserts as she is THAT pharmacist that reads every package insert of every medicine. She also enjoys the process of eCTD compilation. She is a curious person who intends to experience as much as she can in the life she has been given. She is still learning something new every day.

Anina lives in Potchefstroom and is married and has two kids. Apart from her family, she loves running, cycling, swimming and the outdoors. Anina completed her B.Pharm degree in 2001 after which she worked in retail pharmacy for 12 years. In 2013 she enrolled as a full-time student once again, this time for MSc Pharmaceutical Science at the North-West University (NWU). Anina’s interest in pharmaceutical research and development, clinical trials and the safe use of medicines confirmed her career path. Anina was appointed as subject specialist at the NWU and gained extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical devices industry. Her professional focus was set when she worked as a Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist and Pharmacovigilance Officer. She feels that it is a great privilege to be involved in an industry where you can strive to make a difference.

Lizelle Avatar 1.jpg

Lizelle Malan

(BSc in Behavioural Science, Hon. Labour Relations)

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Originally born in Namibia, Lizelle Malan has an honours degree in Behavioural Science. In the more than six years’ experience as Regulatory Affairs Assistant before she joined Vicore, she was responsible for pre-registration responses, post-registration compilation and responses which included ToHCR’s, P&A recommendations, proprietary name changes, compilation of SCoRE, BTIF, QOS, QIS, as well as compilation of Sub-Saharan dossiers and post-registrations. She finds the regulatory environment ever-changing and is working on broadening her knowledge of the entire regulatory process, whilst specialising in the quality aspects. Lizelle has a real passion for animals (especially dogs!) and people. She thrives in a structured environment, has a good memory and uses jogging as healthy exercise.  

Levanya was born in Durban and relocated to Johannesburg in 2015 to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of KwaZulu Natal and has a successful career as a pharmacist with over 6 years of experience in the pharmaceutical regulatory affairs industry and 7 years in the clinical research sector. Having worked for leading generic pharmaceutical companies, Levanya is now a senior pharmacist in Regulatory Affairs with experience in submitting high quality regulatory submissions and interacting with regulatory agencies. Levanya has excellent work ethic and a willingness to grow within the industry.

MAG - Avatar.jpg

Mani Gunda

(B.Pharm, Master of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutics)

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Mani was born and brought up in India, the largest provider of the pharmaceutical industry globally. Mani’s curiosity, which is the key to science and medicine, made her pursue a master’s degree in Pharmacy with specialisation in Pharmaceutics. Mani moved to Johannesburg in 2013, where she started employment at a generic pharmaceutical company. She gained valuable experience in South African Regulatory Affairs in this 6-year period.  Her responsibilities ranged from medicine registration to post-registration processes, including life-cycle and portfolio management. Mani has valuable knowledge of GxP compliance gained from local and international audits. Mani is excited to make a positive difference with her in-depth understanding of both legal and scientific matters and high-quality performance.

TN - Avatar 1.png

Terence Noonan 

(B.Pharm, MSc in Pharmaceutics, PhD Chemistry)

Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

Terence’s passion for physics and biochemistry has led to a career branching into multiple overlapping spheres. His tertiary studies started at the NWU with a B.Pharm degree, transitioned into an MSc in Pharmaceutics and then a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cape Town. His research was in the field of supramolecular chemistry with a focus on improving the physicochemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation of medications while working part time as a pharmacist. He regards Regulatory Affairs as a field that encompasses multiple disciplines and feels that his background and knowledge of chemical analysis, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics are invaluable in RA and QA. In his free time, he likes to explore the beautiful hiking trails of Table Mountain. 

NAC - Avatar 8.jpg

Naideen Cassim 

(BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology, Hon. Microbiology and Food Technology)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

AGM - Avatar Option 4.png

Agnes Mwangi 

(B.Pharm, RAPS: Pharmaceuticals)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

Born and raised in a small town in Central Kenya, Agnes joined Vicore in 2023.  Agnes is a registered pharmacist in Kenya and Namibia, with 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She started her career as a hospital pharmacist in Kenya, before moving to Namibia to work as a pharmacy manager. Following certification in Global Regulatory Affairs from the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS), she joined GSK Kenya as a Regulatory Pharmacist for East Africa. Her competencies lie in pharmaceutical lifecycle management across East Africa markets. Agnes is enthusiastic about Africa and providing its people opportunities to live healthy and fulfilled lives by improving their access to lifesaving medicines.

DER - Avatar 5.png

Debbie Röhrs 

(BA Social Work, PGCE)

Human Resources Generalist

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-13 at 14.47.56.jpeg

Letitia Viljoen 

(Dip. Labour Relations and Management)

Senior Talent Manager

Letitia was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She completed a Diploma in Labour Relations Management through UNISA. Letitia has 10+ years’ Human Resource and 13+ years’ Recruitment experience. Some additional experience relates to Operations, Project Management and Agile Methodologies, which ensured that Letitia contributed greatly in overall cross-functional development and improvement. Letitia’s passion for both people and business led her to taking on an opportunity at Vicore, where she is currently pouring her energy into helping Vicore grow by attracting the best talent, while helping to establish fundamental structures based on business needs. Letitia’s exposure to the Regulatory industry quickly grew to be a passion and she hopes to make a difference specifically within Vicore to enable success in the wider Regulatory industry.

ALE - Avatar 2.png

Alta Enslin

(BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology, Hon. Biochemistry, Certified Usability Analyst )

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Naideen started her career in 2013, after obtaining a BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology degree and an Honours in Microbiology and Food Technology, from the University of Witwatersrand. Naideen worked as a senior chemical analyst prior to moving to one of the leading Regulatory Consultancies in sub-Sahara, where she started her Regulatory Affairs journey. Naideen practiced regulatory affairs across country borders, dealing with the process of registration and life-cycle management of allopathic medicines, vaccine and oncology products, veterinary and complementary medicines, and medical devices in Africa. Naideen strives to add value in all that she does and to make a positive difference in the lives of people. Naideen joined Vicore in May 2023 after being inspired by the impact Vicore endeavours to have on the African continent and other emerging markets.

Debbie grew up in Harrismith, South Africa. She studied BA (Social Work) at the University of Pretoria after completing a gap year at the South African Women’s Army College in the Western Cape, followed by a two-year working holiday in the UK as a Social Worker. On return to South Africa, she furthered her career with a post graduate certificate in education and became a mainstream educator, followed by a career in remedial and special needs education. She gained exposure in HR when she became a mother and took a break from education and worked as part-time HR and Admin Manager for a start-up company for five years. Debbie joined Vicore in June 2022 and loves being part of the dynamic HR Team. She has a special interest in people dynamics. Outside working hours, Debbie enjoys painting, spending time with her family and values the calming effect of nature. 

Alta grew up in Potchefstroom, South Africa, where she still resides. She studied at the North-West University in Potchefstroom and has a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Alta also completed her honours in Biochemistry at the University of Pretoria.
After working in plant pathology for a few years after completing her studies, Alta moved to the more creative side of life, doing graphic design and user experience design and analysis while working at the NWU. Alta also has four years of experience as a regulatory assistant at a leading South African Medicine Regulatory consultancy. She has a passion for people and biology and is excited to be part of the difference that Vicore envisions in people’s lives.

HvdM - Avatar1.jpg

Hanli van der Merwe 

(B.Pharm, BSc Environmental Sciences and Biology, Hon. Biochemistry, MSc Biochemistry)

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Hanli has 5 years of regulatory experience gained in Potchefstroom. Prior to her Pharmaceutical studies, she completed her master’s degree in Biochemistry. Hanli worked at the Research Institute for Industrial Pharmacy, and during that time, started her full-time studies in Pharmacy. Her knowledge of biochemistry and experience whilst working in a final product release control laboratory, led her to Regulatory Affairs. Hanli obtained her Pharmacy Degree at the NWU in Potchefstroom. She gained first-hand experience in the need for medicine and healthcare in rural areas whilst doing her internship and community service years. Regardless of Hanli's science-orientated brain, she is an absolute fan of family time and loves to bake and experience the outdoors. 

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